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Today I’m sharing our brand new iridescent anthurium sugar flower tutorial. A FREE step by step video tutorial on how to use petal and lustre dusts to create a iridescent effect on sugar anthurium flowers. Also know as unicorn anthuriums, these are such a fun flower to make and colour. I first saw these flowers […]

Earlier this month I took part in the #meetthemaker challenge over on instagram. A 6 day challenge designed to tell you a bit about the story of my business, with a new prompt each day.  Say Hello The first prompt in the #meetthemakerweek challenge was ‘Say Hello’. So I’m saying hello and telling you a little about […]

Today we’re going to be talking about sugar flower inspiration. I’m going to be sharing some of the different ways I find inspiration for my sugar flowers and cake designs and we’ll also be chatting to sugar flower artists Maggie Austin, Arati Mirji and Jacqueline Butler about the inspiration behind their beautiful work. About 8 […]

When I was just starting out in my cake business and I was a brand new cake maker, I thought that I needed every single piece of equipment to help me make beautiful sugar flowers. I could see all the amazing products available and thought I needed them all! Can you relate! ? If you’ve […]

Today I am sharing some details about my new FREE Lovelace Rose Sugar Rose Workshop A FREE step by step video workshop on how to use petal dusts to Raise the Level of Artistry in your Sugar Roses  In this Workshop, you’ll learn : -1-How to transform your sugar roses using petal dusts making the shift from creating standard sugar […]

Today I’m sharing my new guide- ‘How to mix the Perfect shade of Dusky Pink for Sugar Flowers’. Dusky pink is the most requested colour by my brides, when I’m making their wedding cakes, so I have made a lots of different shades of dusky pink over the years. I use food colouring gels to […]




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Today I will be giving you a closer look at two of my new wedding cake designs. I’ll also be sharing some top tips for stencilling on cakes from stencil designer and cake artist Silvia Favero. If you are feeling frustrated with using stencils, definitely check them out below. Stencilling is not a technique I […]

How to mix the perfect shade of dusky pink PDF


Iridescent Anthurium-
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Watercolour Wedding Cake Tutorial PDF


Resources for sugar flower artists and those who would love to learn how to make beautiful sugar flowers.

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